Dressing Up For A Date

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First impressions are very important, because they last for a long time. Now, we are all aware that a first impression won’t be enough to make and sustain a life long great relationship. They should, however, create a lasting impact for your dream date, just enough to get him or her to ask you for a second date, at the least.

Now, one part of making a great first impression, among many, is to look your best. Well, that’s a given right? Well, thankfully there are ways to do just that! Yay! And it all starts with your image.

Your dream date

It’s sort of tricky, yet really easy at the same time, like anyone else, you would want to make sure you are dressed up the best you can possibly be for your dream date, right? You also need to keep in mind that you need to keep your true personality though, and that goes with the image that comes with it. Don’t dress to them, dress to yourself. For example, let’s say your date loved metal music and dressed in dark colors with shirts that have creepy images on them, does that mean you dress like that? No! If that is not you, you should not dress like that only because your date is too. And needless to say, it would be terribly difficult to keep the charade going. And more so if you are with this person often. You need to be you and dress accordingly to yourself, not what your dream date likes.

 Look nice, clean and well shaved    

When you are out choosing clothes, you want to choose the clothes that represent you and who you are. You need to be comfortable in them but you also need to remember to pick the clothes that play your assets well, or so to speak. If your arms are good, go with sleeveless tops, if you got nice legs perhaps go with a skirt, but don’t make it too short. You should also want to pick colors that compliment your eyes and or hair. For you guys, go with things that make you look nice, clean and well shaved.

When it comes to picking what colors you want to dress in, putting aside picking colors that bring out your cute eyes or nice hair, you should choose colors that are age appropriate for your age and any that compliments your figure. Or find colors that help you look younger or healthier if at all possible. For example, if you are 25 you don’t want to be in an all pink outfit. But these all also apply to when you pick out makeup.


Accessories are sort of important on first impression dates, and they add interest and a personal touch to your outfit. Before you got out on a shopping spree though, you need to consider just what you want to emphasize about yourself. If it’s your eyes you want your date to keep his eyes on, you will probably want to go with NOT wearing a heavy or broad necklace or necktie, and just stick to a nice pair of small earrings. You also need to make sure that whatever you end up choosing for your accessories, it does not over power what you are wearing, or your entire outfit. When it comes to accessorizing, less is indeed more.


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Shoes! They are on your feet, barely looked at yet they can easily make or break your entire look. Sucks huh? Well, when you are out shopping for that right pair of shoes, you need to consider a few things first. What are the venue and or activities you plan on doing on this dream date of yours? If it happens to be that you are going to a formal restaurant, you would probably want to go for a nice pair of cute, but sturdy heels. You should also take into consideration the condition they are in and just how clean (or not clean) they are. Unless of course you want your date to see you in crappy, dirty hole filled shoes.


I know I can’t ever stress this enough, but before you go out on your dream date or any date for that matter, you need to remember that you got to just be yourself. Be confident in yourself and chances are you will look great and things will go great. So good luck guys and gals and have fun.